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Thanks for visiting my Website.  I am a descendant of the S(c)hell's who settled near Lutesville, Missouri in 1804.

My ancestor, Casper Schell, Jr. built the house shown in the upper right.  This structure lasted for 135 years before being torn down -- even surviving the New Madrid earthquake.

The Coat of Arms in the upper left originated in Switzerland.  I believe it to be authentic for my family.

I am retired and now have time to pursue my hobbies, including video production and genealogical research.

I recently produced a video  "A Pioneering Family of SE Missouri", copyright 2004.   It contains video clips, pictures, and historical information.  One highlight is an audio interview with my great uncle who was born in the homestead in 1854.  Click the link on the right for more details about the video.

My travel interests have taken me throughout the world, both privately and on business.  I have taken video clips of most of the places that I have visited.   There is adequate footage to support many  other projects in the future.

I own an engineering company that is still in business after 34 years.  The Shell Engineering link contains information about  the company and myself.

Two children and five grandchildren compete for a major portion of my  time.  I share this interest equally with my wife of 54 years, Joanne Bagby Shell.

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What’s New?

I have written a book, called “Whispers from the Maple on the Hill”.  It is about growing up during the Great Depression and World War II.  

The above link gives details about it.  You may purchase it from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or other book sellers.  If you want a signed copy, you may contact me.