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 “A Pioneering Family of SE Missouri”

Copyright 2004, Harvey D. Shell

Introduction - Title Plate
References and Credits – Rolling title
Family Coat of Arms - Title Plate
Newer Coat of Arms - Title Plate
Original Schell to come to America and Children – Title Plate
My immediate ancestor and children – Title Plate
Speculation on European origin – Title Plate
Map showing possible migration – Title Plate
Video of Liechtenstein castles
Video of Switzerland
Video of Rhine River
Ancestor’s contentment with Netherlands – Title Plate
Search document for ancestor’s baptismal record
Video of Netherlands
Picture of ship photographed in Genoa, Italy
Map of Pennsylvania and NC
Video of North Carolina
Maps, drawing of Homestead area
Homestead Picture
Video of Cemetery
Video of Homestead
Old Family Pictures
Audio recording made in 1953 of interview with 100 year old uncle
Ending Statement by author

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